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About Us

Do you want to gift something special to a friend or family member?

If you’ve gone through scores of websites that offer up expensive gifts. Or you’ve run into a problem of too many choices, then, we’re here to help.

Our boutique shop specialises in hand-made items ranging from everyday items to designer handbags. Our goal is to balance quality and price, so that you get a personalised gift at the right price.

Here’s a glimpse into our products.

Like something? Then, you can submit your feedback through our form at the bottom. All of our designs are available to order. Our embroidery art is inspired by folklore and we are always refining our art. It has a unique identity, and you’ll be hard-pressed to be find anything like it.

So, let’s take a deep dive into the art of Cachet.

Our Embroidery Designs

At Cachet, we enjoy thinking out of the box. Our goal is to create something that makes you smile from ear to ear. Here are some designs of our quaint and stylish handbags!

We have deep knowledge of apparel and accessories. Our estimates and deadlines are realistic. While we spend every day we spend on enriching our craft, we focus a lot of improving our design.

We take custom orders too! You can get your name embroidered in the most ornate way, and we’ll even add in a goodie for you. We are always coming up with new ideas to bring to you. With the best minds working day and night to make this business run, we are extremely passionate about what we give to our clients. And that is time and effort.

Who is the creative mind behind it all?

Paromita Roy (Founder): As the founder of Cachet Fine Linen, she has been the source of inspiring ideas. She has always been a motivational figure in the organization. Her Instagram page showcases her latest work.

A picture of Paromita, the founder of Cachet Fine Linen.

What do we write about?

Our blog focuses on topics like fashion history, denim work, and embroidery lessons. You’ll find many blogs if you are interested in fashion or embroidery. You can learn about the types of embroidery or find out more about the Birkin Bag.

Do let your friends and family know of Cachet! We’re a family-run business that makes pouches, cushions, handbags, dresses, and much more. All of it is tailored to your requirements. Our custom-made items are delivered right to your doorstep. And we’ll send a detailed estimate to you.

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