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About Us

We are hand embroidery artists that make real life come alive in our items. We use the finest materials and price them just right. Our extensive product catalog is available here.

We visit many stores to source quality material & equipment for our floral art. Our concepts are inspired by folklore and nature. We make a lot of effort in refining our art. My mom has the latest sewing machine to make this possible. And I do the writing to help her reach out to wider audience. That is you.

Our blogs talk about fashion history and we focus on good work that makes clients happy. That’s our mission. So, let’s take a deep dive into our business. What do we do? You must be curious by now.

Our Embroidery Designs

At Cachet, we identify ourselves as embroidery artists first. Second, we innovate and come up with various methods to make clients happy. Often, you will find us being more imaginative than grounded. We enjoy thinking out of the box.

We have deep knowledge of apparel and accessories. Our estimates are realistic, but we try our best to let our imagination fly.

How Do We Serve Clients?

With loyal clients all over India, Cachet Fine Linen has transformed hand embroidery into something special. Furthermore, the road has been tough. What’s more, we have focused on better approaches and ideas. Moreover, our embroidery linen products offer you a chance to spruce up your house. What’s more, with the best minds at work, this hobby has changed into a healthy obsession.

Who Makes the Flower Embroidery Work?

Paromita Roy (Founder): As the founder of Cachet Fine Linen, she has been the source of inspiring ideas. She has always been a motivational figure in the organization. Her Instagram page showcases her latest work.

That’s my mom, I just write the copy and cover fashion history. I’ve been writing content and copy for 5 years. Would be cool to know something about me, right?

Aditya Roy (Writer): I love playing guitar and writing poetry in my free time. No, I can’t embroider even if my life depended on it. But I have learnt quite a bit about the principles from my mom. I’ve been writing with various companies for a long time. Fashion will always be my first calling. Other topics I enjoy writing about are finance, technology, and music. You can read my work here.

Engage With Us

Our products are just a part of the charm. In addition, we have splendid writers who regularly update the website. And we offer advice on a host of topics. In addition, we engage in discussions and talk about ways to create handicrafts. You can start with this lesson on the types of embroidery! Or you can check out our latest piece on the Birkin Bag.

With our blogs, you will learn a little about fashion history and also how to make good hand embroidery items.

Pink pouch with sparrows and flower embroidery work.
Walk into a new world of fashion with our creations.
Sparrows hanging onto a tree branch along with flower embroidery work.
You can explore our flower embroidery work here!

Our creations are available across India, and all the designs on this website are for sale. You may support our Instagram page too! It really helps us grow Cachet.

Don’t forget to read our blogs. We have an exhaustive list of topics we cover, so start with our most popular blog on making flower embroidery work. We keep updating our blog, so keep visiting us to stay up-to-date with fashion history. After all, fashion is a serious hobby of ours.

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