Here’s How Ladies Fashion Attracts New Happy Customers

Introduction to Ladies’ Fashion

Ladies fashion isn’t all about standing out. It is about being elegant and following a structure. With a structure, you can ensure your idea is: graceful, attractive. You need to start by fulfilling all criteria that your customers are looking for in your embroidery patterns.

Our website discusses a lot about accessories. And concepts, guidelines, and fundamentals are something we have gotten completely clear. You can check out our design philosophy here! We also showcase our work in the fashion gallery which has amazing embroidery art.

A close of a ribbon with floral embroidery patterns around it.
A bow on the handbag gets attention. Yet, we value functional design. We want the right kind.

But, in ladies’ fashion, there are a clear set of principles. You can choose to follow them or break convention. Yet, these time-tested rules are necessary to guide you through product development, and finally execution. While the design is completely in your hands, it is always good to sober down your artwork to let the fabric shine through.

Design Concepts In Ladies Fashion

Ladies fashion elements

You can study aesthetics and allow it to guide you in your product design. But, you should sketch out your design to be extra sure! It’s like driving in the dark without the headlamps on.

Nevertheless, balance is crucial as it relates to both the functionality of the dress and its appeal. And your dress does not look too daring as it is in perfect equilibrium; much like a beautiful painting that has dashes of bold and subtle.

Proportionate Embroidery Patterns

When you create a fashion element, it has to be in line with the rest of the clothing item. Proportions mean that the relationship of various aspects of your dresses, shirts, etc. have to be in sync with the anatomy of a person.

The piece should complement and highlight a person’s silhouette. For instance, if the skirt is too long of a dress, it compromises the dress’ fit and its overall appeal. You want the perfect fabric to drape over the person’s legs and also billow in the wind.

Inspiring Embroidery Patterns

When you create frills on a bag, dress, or any other item, you should always consider how well it resonates with the customer. You should take note of the influences in your work. So, if you have too much going on in your designs, then, it might be time to take it down a notch.

As we mentioned, let the fabric shine through. But if your client wants something that is vintage, then you could create an elaborate design. Mostly, modern pieces are stripped down to their basic form. In other words, you have to focus on minimalism to keep up with the times.

For instance, neckline bow is a good design element, much like those found in Edwardian fashion. It has just the right “rhythm” in the classical sense of fashion. You have to be careful when trying it on something contemporary.

The Perfect Touch

We spoke of drape earlier in the blog. When designing, you need to take into account the fabric that will drape and feel on the person’s skin. Moreover, when you have silk dresses, then, draping becomes a huge factor in determining pricing and branding. This depends on the quality and texture of the fabric.

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