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Are you looking for something special in contemporary embroidery? Well, you’re at the right place.

Our gallery is our portfolio. What’s more, we are super dedicated to our craft! So, you will find us blogging and sewing all the time.
Our products are handmade to impress. Do enjoy our fashion gallery full of exquisite embroidery ideas, we hope you share this with your friends. At our fashion boutique, we aim to inspire with our embroidery art and craft.

Embroidery ideas for a fashionable purse.

About Our Fashion Gallery

We search for embroidery ideas from Pinterest or Instagram. Then, we will create a blueprint for it. After designing the blueprint, we discuss the choice of textile with our client. Then, we draw up an estimate and add in all design costs. Also, we ensure that the price is right but the quality is not compromised.

For this, the best materials are used by our dressmakers and tailors to use: threads, fabric, padding, and lining: weaving together the structure. All of our products are robust and constructed by an expert tailor. Whereas, the designs are all made by hand. The entire work takes a lot of time.

Exquisite Pouches for You to Look at

Our blue pouch from the  fashion gallery

We want our readers to have a good time on our website. Also, we want our customers to feel that our product is of premium quality. But our niche is rather small, making it difficult for us to make it big. We can offer quality as long as clients continue to purchase from us.

As a budding embroidery artist, you need to work hard. Furthermore, embroidery as an art only flowers when you put in the effort and give it time. So, when the time comes and you have done the spadework, you will suddenly become fluent at your art.

It takes time and effort. But the efforts will pay off. My mom has 3 years of experience in this line, and she is always learning something new.

In our blogs, we try to share our love affair with fashion. Also, we see our clients are eager to learn something new. So, we cater to those requirements.

But our readers are essential help us know what kind of content is popular. We work on the feedback and create content in a similar fashion. We understand what you want to read, and when you want to read it.

A pouch with checked bottom and a lining inside with a hanging string. It is a sling pouch.

Our products take days of hard work. That’s why we want to share our experience with you. So, you won’t feel discouraged from pursuing embroidery as a hobby. Hence, we hope our contemporary embroidery inspires you to start making your own creations.

Working on Embroidery Ideas Like Us?

So, tell us about your journey in the comments. We aim to become better artists ourselves. So, by offering step-to-step guides, lessons, and fun articles that are easy to understand, we are trying to improve.

You can place an order with us through Instagram! Or simply fill out the feedback form below. It won’t take more than a minute.

Happy reading!

A scenic hut with leaves and flowers at its foot. We are a stickler for detail.
The letter “B” is embroidered onto fine cotton. B for Bold?

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