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Our Mission

At Cachet Fine Linen, we discover what makes embroidery a fun and exciting hobby. Nevertheless, starting out can be quite daunting for beginners but can quickly turn into a passion. What’s more, we promise that you will learn how to start working on hand embroidery designs in no time.

Our blogs do the job of teaching you the art of making hand-embroidery designs. In fact, if you get pretty good at it, you can get into fine linen embroidery, just like me. Moreover, we know stitching can take hours. But, with the right fabric and technique, it can be an enjoyable few hours. Here are some embroidery line stitches we are good at:

  • Back Stitch
  • Stem Stitch
  • Bullion-Knot Stitch
  • French Knot
  • Satin Stitch
  • Cast-On Stitch
  • Long-and-Short Stitch

But we are expanding towards writing our analysis on contemporary fashion. The world of fashion is tremendous, and we want to bring it to you. We have covered the different kinds of jeans. Also, we have written a blog on Audrey Hepburn’s collection.

You can find out about your favorite fashion on Cachet Fine Linen!

More About Our Hand Embroidery Designs

We at Cachet work with the best embroidery fabric to make our hand-embroidery designs pop out. These range from creating compelling representations of still life to elegant handbags. My mother, who works on the designing part has a vast knowledge of fabrics and stitches. Here are some points about our history.

At Cachet Fine Linen, our motto is this

Design is intelligence made visible.

Lou Danzigar
  • Cachet Fine Linen started as Cachet My Home which was an interior designing firm. Now we are focused on hand embroidery designs that showcase our imagination. Earlier, it was quite challenging to go from door to door to sell our interior designing services. Now, we get to work from the comfort of our home and harness the power of the internet.
  • When you buy a Cachet, you support a small business and get an amazing item. It will be a special and charming experience.

What is Our Blog About?

Our blog features articles on topics ranging from contemporary fashion to embroidery. We also showcase our hand embroidery designs here. With over 2 years of experience in this line, my mother creates the products. I just write the blog. I keep it running so that our readers can enjoy a nice weekend with our articles.

Our articles are informative and written with one idea. Can you guess what that is?

To help you relax and get into embroidery as soon as you can.

What Is Our Direction Right Now?

We have been writing this blog for about two years now. But we want to scale it to an e-Commerce store. But we need your help. As a new reader of Cachet Fine Linen, if our story excites you. Then, do check out our blogs. We write frequently, so you could start with this one here. Visit our Instagram page too, really helps support our small business. 🙂

We work around the clock to bring to you the best content in fashion.

Fashion fascinates us. The principles and the hard work that goes into making a classic piece is something we strive for. Cachet is evolving as a brand. It is working towards bringing more people into accepting hand embroidery as an art.

We also hope to include fashion advice for people who are just stepping into this line. If you enjoy our blog, do buy something from us. Our number is at the bottom of the page. We ship our work across India.

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